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Winston TSWB-LYP60AHA 3.2V 60Ah LiFeYPO4 Battery to Germany

A client from Germany ordered 25 pieces of Winston TSWB-LYP60AHA 60Ah LiFeYPO4 Battery cells; after a brief and smooth communication by emails, he placed the order very readily, and we are thankful for his trust in us.

Winston 60ah lifepo4 battery

After the customer confirmed the order, we quickly got the batteries ready. We packed these 60ah lifeypo4 thunder sky batteries and accessories into an original plywood case with un3480. Winston Battery cells have various certifications to ensure smooth transportation worldwide.

Winston LYP type of battery is ideally used as a mobile power source and energy storage device, has excellent safety performance and cycle life of more than 5000cycles; when the battery case temperature is below 85 degrees, this type of battery can accept a fast charge and discharge under 3CA current and has a wide operating temperature range of -45íŠ~85íŠ.

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