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25pcs 4S Battery Balancers Shipped to Germany

Recently, a Germany customer ordered 25 pieces of 4S Battery balancers for his batteries. The customer needs FedEx delivery, and we prepare the goods for the customer as soon as possible and arrange the FedEx delivery.

4S battery balancer

The Battery Balancer is a mutual energy transfer system with a high-frequency pulse working method. It is widely used for lithium-ion, lead-acid, NiMH batteries, and lifepo4 batteries.  The primary function of a battery balancer is to balance the voltage of the batteries. The battery balancer helps you improve the performance of your battery pack!

Applications of battery balancer:

Power battery:Electric Car/Bus/Scoote/Golf cart/Boat etc

Storage battery: Storage power station ,Wind power,Solar power etc

Communication power:Communication base station ,substations etc

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