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120pcs 3.2V 72Ah CALB LiFePO4 Battery to New Zealand

Recently, a customer from New Zealand purchased 120 pieces of CALB 3.2V 72Ah L135F72 LiFePO4 battery cells from us.

According to the customer's description, these batteries will be used to replace the old batteries on his boat. It is worth mentioning that these batteries that need to be replaced are also produced by CALB, the model is SE60AHA, but it has been discontinued for many years. The 72Ah battery purchased this time has larger capacity, higher energy density and longer cycle life, which can perfectly replace the customer's previous battery system.


Specification of 3.2V 72Ah battery

As for this 3.2V 72Ah lifepo4 battery, you can check the above specification for reference. 

This battery is widely used in high speed electric vehicle, high power renewable energy integration, UPS and other power applications. Additionally, we will provide customers with busbars, bolt assembly and plastic holders to mount cells easily.

Before shipment, we have tested the quality of all batteries, the following is the test report of the battery, please check. The capacity of all batteries is greater than 72ah, the voltage difference is only 0.007V, and the internal resistance difference is only 0.03m¦¸. The consistency of the batteries is very excellent.

Test Report:

Test Report

For packaging, these 120 cells were packed in 2 plywood boxes, and all accessories were packed in one carton. The total gross weight of the cargo is 259kgs.

As it is inconvenient for the customer to pick up the goods from the port by himself, we provide the customer with DDU shipping option. Specifically, we ship the goods to the port of Auckland by sea first, and then the local shipping agent is responsible for delivering the goods to the customer¡¯s designated destination.

Also, we put the boat name on the bill of lading to help him save taxes, because he told us ¡°My catamaran is in temporary import and exempted of taxes during the duration of the maintenance.¡±


The cargo carried by COSCO, departed on August 2 and will arrive at the Port of Auckland on August 18.

Please check the tracking information below.

Tracking information

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