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Home > Order and Shipment>400Ah, 700Ah, 1000Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery with UN38.3 certificate to New Zealand

400Ah 700Ah 1000Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery with UN38.3 certificate to New Zealand

Cameron is our client and partner from New Zealand, who placed an order last week, including 21pcs WB-LYP400Ah Winston Batteries,
8pcs 700Ah Winston Batteries, and 1pc 1000Ah Thunder-sky Winston Lithium Battery. They are all LiFYPO4 batteries with UN38.3

LiFePO4 Battery New Zeland UN38.3Lithium Battery New Zealand

These batteries are packaged by standard UN plywood cases approved by UN38.3. Each plywood case contains 4pcs 400Ah Winston
or 4pcs 700Ah WB-LYP700Ah battery cells or 2 1000Ah Thundersky Winston WB-LYP1000AHA battery cells and all connectors
are contained in the plywood case which contains only 3 400Ah Winston Battery cells. There are 7 plywood cases total of 598kg. They
were shipped by truck to Shenzhen port on Thursday and then delivered by boat to Auckland, New Zealand.

Winston Battery New Zealand

We are trying to be the leading lithium battery supplier in New Zealand through cooperation with local companies, we increased 15%
budget on marketing and advertisement for the New Zealand market since August. Gary from Auckland, New Zealand is discussing
with us about LiFePO4 Battery cooperation and he is mainly interested in Winston Battery, LTO Battery, and NCM 50Ah Batteries.

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