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700Ah batteries Shipped to Austria

Recently we delivered 48pcs TSWB-LYP700Ah Thudersky Winston 3.2V 700ah LiFePO4 batteries to an Austrian client. The client will use these battery cells to build 3¡Á16S battery banks for the solar energy storage system. We provided the copper connector busbars for connection.

The 48pcs 700ah battery cells were packed in 13 plywood cases, with a total gross weight of 1234kgs. The cases are filled with a sponge to avoid shaking during transportation. We shipped the batteries by boat. It will take about 6-7 weeks to the port of Linz.

winston 700ah lifepo4 battery

The big capacity of Thundersky Winton TSWB-700AHA 700ah battery cell is relatively sparse in battery industrial, in the guarantee of large capacity at the same time, it has a continuous charge and discharge capacity of 3C, 10C pulse discharge capacity, the cycle life of more than 5000 times, than the available lithium iron phosphate battery is better low-temperature performance, the operating temperature range is between minus 45 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius.

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