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24V Lithium battery charger Shipped to Taiwan, China

Our customer from Taiwan, China, ordered a 24v 100A lithium battery charger for his 8S3P or 8S4P LiFePO4 battery bank, this 3KW lithium battery charger has an input voltage of 220VAC that is used in China, This charger is equipped with a CAN bus, and we set the CAN bus with the customer¡¯s CAN protocol. Single-phase 220V and bare input and output cable are followed to the willingness of our customer.

24v lithium battery charger industrial battery charger

The 3KW 24V 100A lithium battery industrial charger is packed into a plywood case and filled with EPE to protect. The total gross weight is 21kgs and shipped by air to Taiwan. It just took 4-5days to get there. 

Intelligent high frequency charger is designed for battery charging,it is suitable for various batteries cycle working charging. It designed by the high frequency switch power supply technology and modular installation construction.The whole systems are consisting of PFC unit, power conversion unit,monitor unit,display unit,electrical unit,communication protection unit and charging connection parts.The charging process is fully automatic,and it realized intelligent charging management of various batteries.

Generally used in common forklift chargers, electric bicycle charging piles, shared charging piles, scan code charging piles, electric vehicle scan code charging, robot charging, new energy vehicle charging, etc.

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