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Samsung SDI 94Ah Lithium Ternary battery Cells Shipped to Estonia

Our customer from Estonia ordered 44pcs Samsung SDI 94ah lithium ternary batteries from us again because they are satisfied with our first batch of lithium batteries. The batteries are used for the research of the university and performed a lot of experiments.

We packed these batteries in the original carton boxes and shipped them by train within door-to-door service, and the total gross weight is 102kgs, and it takes 40days to arrive at the end.

samsung sdi 94ah NMC Battery

Samsung SDI 94Ah NCM battery is a kind of ternary lithium battery used on BMW I3 EV; currently, the BMW i3 battery has NCM 111 battery cells rated at 94Ah and made by Samsung SDI. NCM 111 means that the cathode besides lithium contains nickel, cobalt and manganese in a composition ratio of 1:1:1. Sometimes, these battery cells are also referred to as NCM 333. The volumetric energy density is 352 Wh/L, while the gravimetric energy density is 174 Wh/kg and has a cycle life of more than 3200times @80%DOD.

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