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64pcs EVE 33140 15ah battery ship to Germany


A customer from Germany ordered a sample order of 64 33140 15ah batteries. The 33140 battery has established itself as a reliable power source, catering to a diverse range of electronic devices.

Below are responses regarding customer applications. "our application needs a 48V Battery. We are thinking about using the EVE 33140 and making a 16S2P configuration so that we have a 1,5kW system." 


The battery's ability to maintain a stable voltage throughout its lifespan contributes to a seamless user experience.

Durability is an important aspect of any battery, and the 33140 battery excels in this area. The battery is made of high-quality materials and shows superiority to external factors such as temperature fluctuations and shocks. The 33140 battery lasts longer and also helps to be more cost-effective in the long run.


EVE 33140 3.2V 15Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 Battery Cell

EVE 3.2V 15Ah C33 specification



Battery production picture:

The carton is packed with foam cotton and cardboard to separate the packaging, which has a good protective effect on the battery.

EVE 33140 15ah battery



The customer chose air freight, which arrived a few working days later. The customer signed for the battery on January 2.


eve battery ship to germany



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