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100pcs 32700 6000Mah Lifepo4 Battery Cells and Daly BMS Ship to Canada


A customer from Canada took a fancy to a 32700 lifepo4 cell on our website and sent an inquiry to our company.

Finally, the customer ordered 100pcs 32700 6000mah lifepo4 cells and 5pcs 4S 15A daly BMS.


32700 Cylindrical Rechargeable Lithium-ion LiFePO4 Battery Cell, is the updated version of optimumNano 35650 battery cell, can replace LiFePO4 32650 with the same size but higher capacity.


Daly BMS covers lithium battery like lifepo4 battery, LTO Battery, NCM Battery protection management system with battery assembly in series 3-35 series and working current less than 400A.  

Based on the information provided by the customer, we quickly quote the price for the customer, including the price of battery cells and BMS.

After the customer completes the payment, we immediately prepare the battery and BMS for the customer.

This is a photo of the battery when it was shipped. It was packed very securely to ensure that there would be no damage during transportation.

32700 lifepo4 battery and daly bms


This is tracked logistics, it took about 50 days to be transported by sea, and finally the battery and BMS were successfully delivered to the customer.






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