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Winston Battery: 400ah LiFeYPO4 Batteries Shipped to the USA

Our USA customer, a professor, recently ordered 16 pieces of  WB-LYP400AHA-B 400Ah Winston LiFeYPO4 Battery cells from us. The capacity of this 400ah lifepo4 battery cell is industry-leading. It also has a wider operating voltage of 2.8V~4.6V, a wider operating temperature of -45~85 than the general LiFePO4 battery cells. The max constant discharge rate of Winston 400ah lifeypo4 battery cell is 3C, can be used in high-rate discharge applications, the super long cycle life of more than 5000times (@80%DOD) guarantees the service life.

400ah lifepo4 batteries USA

These 400ah lifepo4 battery cells we provided are brand new and grade A cells. We will well match the batteries and provide a testing report to the customer; free busbars and other accessories come with batteries and are packed into the plywood cases with UN3480 certification.

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