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24V and 48V Lithium Battery Chargers Shipped to Taiwan, China

A client from Taiwan purchased 146 sets of 24V100A and 17 sets 48V150A industrial lithium battery high frequency chargers for his 8S3P & 8S4P LiFePO4 battery banks from us, and this is our third collaboration since the previous successful tests.

lithium battery charger 24V lithium battery charger 48V

The 24V100A and 48V 150A industrial lithium battery charger has the output power of 24V100A(3KW) and 48V150A(9KW), they are designed for batteries charging, suitable for various batteries cycle working charging. They are designed by the high frequency switch power supply technology and modular installation construction. The whole systems are consisting of PFC unit, power conversion unit, monitor unit, display unit, communication protection unit and charging connection parts. The charging process is fully automatic, and they realized intelligent charging management of various batteries. 

There is a "start" nd "Stop" button on the charger body. For this, we modified the software and the charger will start charging when connect with AC put,it will stop charging when battery full charged.because our customer want to make an automatic charging station without operator involvement. That is, no one will be able to press the "start" button. This charger is equipped with CAN bus and we set the CAN bus with customer’s CAN protocol.

We packed these lithium battery chargers into cartons and then into pallets.the chargers are shipped to KEELUNG port by sea and it only spent 3-5days to arrive.

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