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400ah LiFePO4 Batteries and 4S Balancers Shipped to Malaysia

A customer from Malaysia purchased 8pcs GBS-LFP400Ah-A 400ah LiFePO4 batteries and 3pcs 4S balancers used for the yacht, and these 400ah prismatic battery cells can provide energy of 9.6KWh. 

The GBS-LFP400Ah-A 400ah LiFePO4 battery cell has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.2V 400Ah, and a single cell has an energy of 1.2kwh, one of the single cells with a larger capacity on the market. It has an excellent performance of 1C high charge rate and 2C continuous discharge rate, 5C instantaneous discharge rate, a wide operating temperature range of -20~65íŠ, a long cycle life of more than 3000cycles. 

400ah lifepo4 battery test report

All the 400ah lifepo4 batteries are inspected and well balanced. As the report, the actual capacity of GBS400ah is up to 460Ah.  We packed the batteries and free busbars and other accessories into cartons and protected them by sponge. The batteries and balancers are shipped to Malaysia with door to door service by unique line. The delivery time is around 20days.

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