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32pcs CALB CAM72 72ah lifepo4 battery cells ship to Thailand

A customer from Thailand got the contact information of our company from his friend and sent us the inquiry information.He wants to order 32pcs CALB CAM72 72ah lifepo4 battery cells for his customer.

CALB CAM72 lifepo4 battery parameters

The maximum discharge rate of this battery is 3C, an aluminum shell for better cooling, and more than 2000 cycles under the designed working condition, is a popular model on the market for many years. It also has all kinds of certifications of CE/BIS/TUV/UL/RoHS, etc.

After receiving his request information, I immediately responded to his email.After communication, we learned that the lifepo4 battery cells will be used in the pallet shuttle system. The manufacturer has specified these lifepo4 battery cells for their shuttles.And customers need the blue plastic bracket and M6 bolts and accessories for the CALB CAM72 battery.

CAM72(135F72) battery cell is a 72Ah LiFePO4 battery cell produced by CALB from Luoyang, China. The brand new designed CAM72 with aluminum alloy shell is 40% smaller and 25% lighter than previous CA series cells.

Energy density of CAM72 cell is as much as 121wh/kg and the cycle life is more than 3,000 times. Qualified for RoHS &CCC with high safety, CAM72 is widely used in high speed electric vehicle, high power renewable energy integration, UPS and other power power applications.

The customer urgently needed this batch of lifepo4 battery cells, so after payment, we immediately arranged to purchase the lifepo4 battery cells.

This is the packaging of the battery when shipped. The battery is wrapped in foam and the accessories are packed in a transparent bag. They will be shipped to the customer together.

package of calb cam72ah lifepo4 battery

Before shipment, the factory tests each battery cell to ensure the consistency of the battery, and issues a test report, which includes internal resistance, voltage, capacity, barcode parameters, etc. We guarantee that the lifepo4 battery cells we provide are brand new A-grade lifepo4 battery cells with reliable battery quality.

test report

After the lifepo4 battery cells are transported by sea and successfully arrive in Thailand, the lifepo4 battery cells will be delivered to customers smoothly.Please see tracking information below.



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