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12.8V 8Ah lithium battery pack and 14.6V2A charger to UAE

Our customer from UAE purchased 2pcs 12.8V 8Ah lithium battery packs and 2pcs 14.6V2A chargers from us.
They are used in an IoT automation system deployed in solar fields.
The system will be active for 15 minutes each day and then operating in power-saving mode for the remainder of the day. It functions on a 12V power supply, drawing a consistent 5.5A at 12V for 40 seconds during its operation, and subsequently, utilizing 0.1A at 12V for the remaining 15 minutes.
An MPPT and a 20W solar panel is also provided to keep the battery charged at all times and the battery will be housed within an enclosure that is kept in a shaded area. The ambient temperature of the surroundings will range between 35°„C to 55°„C daily.
Based on the estimates, our customer require a minimum of 6Ah battery capacity considering sufficient power on self-sustaining mode during no sunshine weeks, etc but given the environmental conditions and charging and discharge rate and cycle.
We recommended our 12.8V 8Ah lithium battery pack.
datasheet for 12.8V8Ah
12V 8Ah lithium battery packs are with Screw Terminal style and 14.6V2A charger are with molded cords and jack connector and EU AC plug.
All is No Branding.
photos for 12.8V 8Ah lithium battery pack and 14.6V2A charger
We shipped the products to UAE by air via special line which no need to pay customs and it only took 6 days to arrive.
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