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16pcs Fortune 100Ah lifepo4 battery cells ship to New Zealand

A customer from New Zealand saw a set of 8s1p 100Ah fortune battery packs from our company's website. This is composed of 8 Fortune 100ah batteries connected in series. Each cell is equipped with a plastic bracket. The entire battery pack is designed with a fixed metal bracket, so customers are very interested in this battery pack.

¡°I saw that you are also selling a premade battery pack kit using Fortune Batteries in a 8s configuration with a pair of end cap hold down brackets. ¡±


fortune battery 100ah

Here is the detailed specification sheet of 100ah fortune battery:

specification sheet of 100ah fortune battery


He wants to order two sets of 8s1p battery packs to be reassembled into 8S2P battery packs. So we sent him 16pcs 100ah battery cells and related accessories.The application will be for a bow thruster motor that uses 300 amps at 24 volts when it runs.


After communicating with the customer, we determined the quantity of batteries, connectors and related accessories, and finally determined the transportation method. After payment, we quickly prepare the batteries for our customers.


This is a picture of the battery cells and related accessories when the manufacturer is preparing to complete the battery cells and prepare to ship them. Each battery cell is packed individually in a paper box, the accessories are packed in a transparent bag, and finally packaged in a large box.


Before shipment, the factory tests each battery cell to ensure the consistency of the battery, and issues a test report, which includes internal resistance, voltage, capacity, barcode parameters, etc. We guarantee that the batteries we provide are brand-new A-grade batteries with reliable battery quality.

Fortune battery and its accessories


This is the first time for the customer to clear customs and pick up the goods at the port. We have communicated with the customer the detailed customs clearance and pick up process at the destination port to ensure that the customer can successfully pick up the goods after the battery arrives at the port.


This is the tracking logistics of the battery, and the goods have been successfully delivered to the customer.


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