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Fortune 8S1P 25.6V 100ah LiFePO4 Battery Module

25.6V 100ah lifepo4 battery module


Fortune battery module, uses 100ah 3.2V high quality prismatic lifepo4 cells, adjustable module combination, high flexibility, circulation without protection plate and balancing system under the condition of 100%DOD cycle for more than 2800 cycles remaining capacity more than 80%, safer and more environmentally friendly, more stable and more efficient.


Module: 8S1P 25.6V 100Ah

Nominal Capacity: 100ah

Nominal Voltage: 25.6V

Dimensions: 362*134*318mm

Weight: 22kg

Standard Charging Current: í▄0.5C

Standard Discharging Current: í▄1C (Pulse 3C 10S)

Operating temperature Range: -20~55íŠ

Cycle Life: íŢ3000 cycles (80%DOD)


100ah lifepo4 battery module

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