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3.3KW SMHC3-7240A charger ship to Italy


A customer from an Italian company saw the OBC HK-J-72-40 charger on our company's website and wanted to order this charger. But unfortunately, this charger is temporarily discontinued.

The customer's demand is a charger with an output of 72V 40A. According to the customer's requirements, we chose the 3.3kw SMHC3-7240A obc charger to recommend to the customer and sent the customer the specification sheet of this charger.

Here are the detailed parameters of this 3.3kw charger:


parameters of charger

parameters of charger

After the customer read the specifications of the charger, he felt that it was suitable for his battery, so he decided to pay and let us prepare the charger as soon as possible.


The preparation time of this charger was very fast. After 6 days, we successfully prepared the charger and then shipped it to the freight forwarder to transport the customer to the address in Italy.


This is a picture of the charger when it is shipped:

pictures of charger


The customer has successfully received the charger.


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