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12.8V20Ah high power LiFePO4 battery pack ship to USA

Recently our American customer ordered one piece 12.8V20Ah high power LiFePO4 battery pack from us for his client.

datasheet of 12.8V20Ah
The battery pack is a version of a standard product 12.8V LiFePO4 module with built in BMS, temp and cell voltage discharge & charging cut off as well as cell balancing in the 10-20Ah size range that can discharge at up to 20A continuously to module shut off-low voltage protection.
The module will spend most of its time sitting at 90% SOC and 1-2 hours a day with 13.7V applied to it's terminals.
Max discharge current will be 20A and max charge current will be 22A, both can be continuous. 20Ah module would need to be a 1C rated module.
So we used 21700 4000mah high power battery cell with 4S5P configuration for this module.
The customer would like want the lighter weight of 20Ah module. the weight of this battery is 2.6KG.

photos of 12.8V20Ah
We shipped the battery with the most cost effective shipping method because the customer is not in a rush.but from below picture£¬you can see £¬it only took 8days to be received

tracking information of 12.8V20Ah

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