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3.2V 100Ah and 200Ah LiFePO4 Batteries to South Africa

One of our regular customers from South Africa recently purchased 450pcs of GBS-LFP200Ah-A 3.2V 200Ah battery cells and 300pcs of GBS-LFP100Ah-E 3.2V 100Ah cells.

As before, the 200ah cells will be used in the 16S 51.2V 200Ah energy storage system.  We have designed the jigs and straps to bind up to 8 cells according to customer's requirements, and provided suitable busbars and bolt assemblies so that customers can easily connect and fix the battery cells.

The 100ah cells are used to set up the 8S 25.6V 100Ah energy storage system. We also provide customers with accessories such as jigs and straps to match the 8S systems.




We do test for the batteries before shipment, please refer to the following test report:

Test report-100Ah

Test report-200Ah

About shipment:

These 750 cells are packed in cartons with 4 pallets, of which the batteries are total 151 boxes and the accessories are 7 boxes, with a total gross weight of 3648kg.


3.2V 100AH

3.2V 200AH

We also help the customer ship the solar panels sourced from other supplier.

All goods will be shipped to Durban port first and then transported to Johannesburg by sea, the total voyage is about one month.

Pre-allocated shipping schedule:

Shipping schedual

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