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Kelly controller KLS8470NE 84V450A with cable to Spain


Our customer from Spain purchased 2pcs Kelly KLS8470NE 84V450A controllers and cables from us.

kelly controller
The controllers are for motor bldc de 11 pulgadas,80MM, faster speed,60-120,3000-6000w.
Kelly BLDC motor controller based on sinusoidal waveform which is supposed to work with BLDC motor with three hall sensors. All KLS controllers can do regen brake function by default.
The motor controller included a plastic cover. And KLS-N is IP66 rating without filling.
The silica gel by default. KLS-N used cast aluminum box as body protection. 
The below picture is mounting holes' dimensions (dimensions in millimeters)

mounting dimension
The customer placed an order on our aliexpress store and he choose KAC series controller.we confirmed with the motor information and the customer replied promptly and found that the controllers he selected were not suitable his motor.
KAC series controller is AC induction and the client's motor is BLDC.
We helped our customer to chose correct product and helped to reduce cost and time.

photos of KLS8470NE
We are a leading Kelly controller dealer and have many kelly controller in stock on sales.Also will provide kelly controller at discount price.
The products were shipped by air via UPS and it was received within 8days:

tracking of kelly controller

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