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16S LiFePO4 Battery Balancers shipped to Brazil

A customer from Brazil ordered 2pcs 16S balancer for balancing current. They have battery systems of a battery pack 1P16S built with 3.2V 205Ah LFP LiFePO4 batterycells. For the first order, they want to try two pieces of 16S balancers for testing.

Each 16S balancer comprises two 8S balancers, so we provide the customer with four 8S balancers.

lithium battery balancer

The battery Balancer is a circuit module connected to your cells, providing a balancing current between them. With the balancing current, the low-voltage cell will be charged, and the high-voltage battery cell will be discharged. It helps keep the voltage of all battery cells at the same level. We called it the balancing function. When the voltage of all battery cells of the battery pack is nearly the same, the battery pack has much better performance. This is because no cells be over charged, and no cell be over-discharged. Battery balancer provides a balancing current as much as 1 ampere.

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