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16pcs EVE 173Ah lifepo4 battery cells ship to Fiji

A customer from Fiji wants to purchase new lifepo4 battery to replace the batteries on his boat. 

The ship originally used a 100Ah sinopoly battery, which has been used for a long time. The customer wants to expand the capacity to 12V 500ah, so he wants to choose a thinner battery so that more batteries can be placed in the same size space.

This is the sinopoly battery 12V 300Ah originally used by the customer, four series and three parallel lifepo4 battery packs.

sinopoly 12V 300Ah lifepo4 battery pack

The battery size range that can be accommodated on customer ships is 150x750x280 mm. According to the customer's needs, we found an eve battery 173Ah LF173 with a size of 207.5*204.7*41mm. This lifepo4 battery is arranged in three rows and four, which can accommodate a 12V 692Ah battery pack. After we provided the solution to the client, the client was satisfied and paid immediately.

This is the specification sheet and battery picture of EVE LF173 battery cell.

eve 173ah battery size

eve 173ah battery parameters

Before shipment, we have tested the quality of all batteries. The following is the battery test report, please check it.

test report

The capacity of all batteries is greater than 180ah, the voltage difference is only 0.001V, and the internal resistance difference is only 0.02m¦¸. The consistency of the cells is excellent and perfect for building battery packs.

This is the picture and packaging of the battery when it is shipped. 16pcs lifepo4 cells are packed in two boxes, including all accessories.

packaging of the battery packaging of the battery

The transported goods will be shipped on September 14th and will arrive at Suva Port in Fiji on October 23st.

Please see tracking information below.


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