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 EVE LF173 3.2v 173ah lifepo4 grade A battery cell

eve lf173 173ah lifepo4 battery


Features of EVE LF173 173ah lifepo4 cell 

  • Intelligent factory design, high-performance consistency.
  • Square aluminum shell structure, high precision explosion-proof valve, high safety performance.
  • Low internal resistance, high discharge rate, and stable discharge platform.
  • Long cycle life, capacity retention rate over 80% after 4000 cycles at 1C/1C.
  • Green environmental protection



Parameter Specification

Min Capacity


Min Energy


Nominal Voltage


Internal Resistance


Charging Cut-off Voltage


Discharging Cut-off Voltage

2.5V (T>0)

2.0V (T0)

Standard Charging Current


Standard Discharging Current


Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature


Storage Temperature

3 months:0~45

1 month:-20~45

Cycling Performance

4000 Cycles




Dimension: 207.5*173.9*41.0mm(H*L*T)

Cycling Performance

4000 Cycles@80%DOD

Laser Welding Depth


Max Pressure Force on Terminals


Max Torque Force on Terminals


Two-dimensional graphs of Battery

dimensions of lf173

Electrical Performace Diagram

Electrical Performace Diagram of eve lf173


  • It is strictly forbidden to immerse the battery in water. When it is not in use, it should be placed in a cool and dry environment
  • It is forbidden to use and leave the battery next to heat and high temperature sources, such as fire, heater, etc.
  • Please use a special charger for lithium-ion batteries when charging
  • During usage, it is strictly prohibited to reverse the positive and negative terminals of the battery
  • Do not throw the battery in the fire or heater
  • It is forbidden to use metal to directly connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to short-circuit
  • It is forbidden to transport or store the battery with metal, such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.
  • It is forbidden to knock or throw, step on, or bend the battery.
  • It is forbidden to directly weld the battery or pierce the battery with nails or other sharp objects
  • It is forbidden to use or place the battery under high temperature (under hot sunlight), otherwise it may cause the battery to overheat or fail to function and shorten its life.
  • It is forbidden to use it in places with strong static electricity and strong magnetic fields; otherwise it will easily damage the battery safety protection device and bring hidden dangers of safety.
  • If the battery leaks and the electrolyte splashes on the skin or clothes, immediately wash the affected area with running water. If the battery leaks and the electrolyte enters the open parts of the human body such as the eyes, mouth, nose, etc., immediately rinse the eyes with a large amount of water and send to a doctor for treatment immediately, otherwise it will cause serious harm to the human body.
  • If the battery emits peculiar smell, heat, discoloration, deformation, or any abnormality during use, storage, or charging, immediately remove the battery from the device or charger and stop using it

Recent Shipment Of EVE LF173 173Ah Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery Cell

shipment of 173ah lifepo4 cell

1. 16pcs EVE 173Ah lifepo4 battery cells ship to Fiji --on  2023-10-28

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