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2.4V 1300mah 18650 LTO cylindrical battery cells were Shipped to the USA

Our customer from the USA purchased 50pcs 2.4v 1300mah batteries from us for product testing. For the shipping, the batteries were packed in cartons and shipped by air with door-to-door service. It will take about 12 working days for transportation.

18650 1300mah lto battery cells

HC18650 2.4V 1300mAh LTO rechargeable battery cell has a very high thermal stability, a cycle of 1C/1D 25íŠ 80%DOD 10000cycle times. We can fully charge it in a short time, and it has a wide operating temperature range of -40íŠ-75íŠ. With excellent features such as high energy & power, less self-discharge, long cycle time & cost-effectiveness, good consistency, product safety, and excellent magnification performance, it is widely used in many areas, such as telecom, energy storage system, etc.

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