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Winston 40Ah LiFeYPO4 Battery cells shipped to the USA

A Mexican customer first purchased four Winston 40ah liFeYPO4 prismatic batteries from us to be shipped to their US subsidiary for testing. The customer requested the same battery parameters to DIY a battery pack. The test results were so good that the customer purchased ten more batteries.

winston battery 40ah

Thunder sky Winston battery is a leading Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery manufacturer, providing high power lithiumlifepo4(lifeypo4) batteries widely used in the electric vehicle, solar power stations, energy storage systems, and marine energy storage projects. Evlithium is an official dealer and technical support center providing local service in European North America and Australia. Evlithium is the official leading partner of Thunder Sky Winston LiFePO4 batteries providing sales, technical support, and shipping service. There are 40Ah-1000Ah high-power Winston LiFePO4 batteries for EV and energy storage applications. The cycle life is over 5000 times at 80% DOD.

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