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12V 24Ah lifepo4 battery packs and 6000mah lifepo4 cells ship to Dubai

A customer from Dubai purchased 7pcs 12V 24Ah lifepo4 battery packs and 20pcs 32700 6000mah lifepo4 battery cells from our company for testing due to the needs of the project.

The client is from a Dubai-based company that provides solutions in industries such as oil and gas, industry, education, communications and government entities. When communicating with us, he sent us a specification of a lead-acid battery, and wanted us to customize products with the same size and parameters according to this specification.

Below are the products offered to customers.



This is a 12V 24Ah lifepo4 battery pack with protection board included. It consists of 16 6000mah cylindrical cells 4S4P. Small size, high cycle life.


After the customer received the solution we provided him, he expressed his satisfaction with this product to us.

During the communication process with the customer, the customer asked us not to seal or glue the cover when sending the product, and they need to be able to confirm the battery cell.

 "Please do not seal or glue the lids, we need to be able to confirm the cells. "

12v 24Ah lifepo4 battery pack

After understanding all the needs of the customer and reaching an agreement with them, the customer paid the full amount quickly. After we receive the payment, we start to prepare the battery for the customer.


This is the packaging picture of the 12V 24Ah battery pack and 6000mah battery pack when it is shipped.

A battery holder is made inside the battery pack and filled with sponge. Screws are locked on the outside and tied with cable ties, and the battery pack is tightly wrapped with a bag, which ensures that the battery pack will not suffer any damage during transportation. Customers can fix the battery cover by themselves after confirming the battery when receiving the battery pack.



Batteries will be delivered by air freight.


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