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32700 lifepo4 cell

32700 lifepo4 3.2V 6000mah rechargeable  cylindrical battery cell


Nominal Capacity: 6Ah
AC impedance: <10m
Nominal Votage: 3.2V
Cell weight: 140g
Cell size: 32.2*70.5mm
Cycle life: 2000 cycles

Introducing the 32700 lifepo4 3.2V 6000mah rechargeable battery cell, a serious and dependable choice for your power needs. This lithium iron phosphate battery cell has been designed with a great capacity of 6Ah, combined with low AC impedance of 10 m, offering high performance and long lifespan no matter the application. The nominal voltage stands at 3.2V and provides reliable power delivery every time. 

Weighing only 140 g, it is extremely lightweight and extremely easy to carry around or transport from one place to another. Compact size (32.2x70.5 mm), high energy density, and cycle life of 2000 cycles make this an ideal choice for any energy storage solutions you might have in mind.  

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Quality 32700 LiFePO4 Battery cell used for Electric two-wheeled vehicle, three-wheeled vehicle, four-wheeled low-speed vehicle, UPS, Storage energy, etc.

32700 LiFePO4 Battery Parameters



Nominal Capacity


AC Impedance


Nominal Voltage


Cell Size


Cell Weight

140 5 g

End-of-charge Voltage


End-of-charge Current


Charging Method

1 C at CC/CV

End-of-discharge Voltage


Max continuous Discharging Current


Max Pulse Discharging Current

60A(10C, 3S)

Cycle Life

2000 cycles 100 % DOD

Operating Temperature Range

Charging: 0~60 C

Discharging: -20~ 60C

32700 LiFePO4 Battery Benefits

  • Sturdy and pressure resistant steel envelope
  • High capacity
  • Excellent cycle life
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Steady output voltage
  • Low self-discharge
  • Double safety protection
  • With outstanding high level of vibrations and shocks

Cells appearance and dimension

Discharge curve of 32700 6.0Ah LiFePO4 cell

discharge curve of 6.0Ah LiFePO4 cell


  • Only use LiFePO4 battery charger to charge this cell.
  • Wrong type of charger used will cause cell to explode.
  • You must limit charging & discharging current below Max. rate

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