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2pcs 6.6KW TC OBC On Board Battery Chargers Shipped to Australia

Our valued customer from Australia recently placed an order for two units of TC Elcon 6.6KW HK-LF-144-46 On Board Chargers (OBC) with us. In order to ensure swift delivery, we opted for air transportation using the reliable services of FedEx.

Upon receiving the order, our team meticulously prepared the two TC Elcom OBC units for shipment. To guarantee the safety and integrity of these valuable products, they were securely packaged to withstand the rigors of air transportation. Careful consideration was given to packaging materials, ensuring that the chargers would be adequately protected during transit.

TC Elcon 6.6KW HK-LF-144-46 On Board Charger has a nominal voltage of 144V, a max output current of 46A, and a output voltage range of 50~198V, a charging control function of CAN, it not only boasts advantages such as high efficiency, compact size, high stability, and long lifespan, but also features a high protection level, strong reliability, and comprehensive protective functions. It stands as an ideal power source for electric vehicle charging. And here is the basic specification of it:  

specification os 6.6kw tc obc charger

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