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48V forklift industrial forklift battery Charger

A customer from Tajikistan ordered one unit 6kw 100ah 48V forklift battery charger several days ago. The customer will use the charger to charge his 48V 800AH lead-acid battery pack, built with 24 sets of 2V 800Ah modules. They provide the charging curve of the battery to help us design the charger.

48v forklift battery charger

The intelligent high-frequency industrial battery charger is designed for battery charging; it is suitable for various batteries cycle working charging. It was designed by the high-frequency switch power supply technology and modular installation construction. The whole system consists of a PFC unit, power conversion unit, monitor unit, display unit, electrical unit, communication protection unit and charging connection parts. The charging process is fully automatic, and it realized intelligent charging management of various batteries. Generally used in standard forklift chargers, electric bicycle charging piles, shared charging piles, scan code charging piles, electric vehicle scan code charging, robot charging, new energy vehicle charging, etc.

Industrial battery charger

The 6kw industrial battery charger was packed in one plywood case with gross weight of 35kgs. We shipped them to his shipping agent in Yiwu and then the agent will deliver the charger to the customer.

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