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Fortune LiFePO4 Battery Cells Shipped to Australia

A client from Australia needed to build a LiFePO4 Battery bank for the power supply of his boat, and he ordered the 3.2V 100Ah FortuneLiFePO4 Battery cells.

Fortune LiFePO4 Battery cells have the characteristics of fast charging, high energy storage, ultra-low impedance, ultra high energy ratio and energy storage efficiency. It is safer, more environmentally friendly, more stable and more efficient, 
and the model 100ah battery cell has a 6C 600A pulse peak discharge current, 1C 100A fast charge current, and a cycle life of 2500times at 80%DOD. 

All batterie are brand new grade A cells. We tested every single fortune lifepo4 battery cell before the shipment. The voltage of each battery cell is about 3.34V to ensure the consistency of the batteries; the actual capacity of lifepo4 battery 100ah is about 5% higher than the nominal capacity. 

LiFePO4 Battery Australia fortune lifepo4 battery cell

We packed these 100ah lifepo4 batteries with accessories and test reports in cartons and shipped them to Australia by the sea with door-to-door service, all LiFePO4 Batteries we shipped have UN38.3 certifications.

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