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400Ah LiFePO4 Winston Battery Shipped to France Polynesia

A customer from France Polynesia, which our other customer recommended, purchased 4pcs Winston LiFeYPO4 TSWB-LYP400AHA 400ah LiFePO4 batteries and 1 set battery Pack strap and jigs to build a lifepo4 battery 12v 400ah; these 4 Winston battery cells provide a 5KWh power for the energy storage on the boat.

400ah lithium battery

Winston TSWB-400AHA 400ah LiFeYPO4 battery is one of the most popular models in the applications of energy storage, and it has a super long cycle life of more than 5000times at 80%DOD, a high continuous charge/discharge rate of 3C. It also has a better low-temperature performance than a regular LiFePO4 battery with the lowest operating temperature up to minus 45 degrees Celsius.

These 400ah LiFePO4 batteries are tested for well-matched and have perfect consistency; we packed these 400ah lithium battery cells, straps and jigs in a plywood case that meets UN3480 standards and shipped it by sea to PAPEETE port, and it will take one month to arrive at the destination port.

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