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Lithium Battery Charger 1.5KW Shipped to UAE and Canada

We delivered 2 sets 1.5KW SMCZ1 Lithium battery OBC charger to the clients from UAE and Canada. 

The lithium battery charger
we shipped to UAE has the output voltage of 48VDC, output current of 20ADC with the input voltage of 220VAC for the client's 12V120Ah gel battery pack, this charger was shipped by TNT and will take 7 days to arrive.

Another 1.5KW OBC charger shipped to Canada was desigend the output voltage and current of 43.5V25ADC, and with the input voltage of 90~265VAC for the customer's 38V 105Ah LiFePO4 golf carts battery pack, it took 7 days to arrive with door-to-door service by DHL.

lithium battery charger OBC charger

The 1.5KW SMCZ1 series lithium battery chargers design of irrigation fully-sealed structure. The products are suitable for lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries,etc. They are used for cycle charging of battery packs of electric vehicles, motorcycles, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, logistics vehicles, golf carts, patrol cars, ships, communication equipment, etc.

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