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Lithium Battery Charger 2.5KW Shipped to Australia

A client from Australia ordered a 2.5KW SMC10 lithium battery intelligent charger with the output voltage and current of 96V 22A for his 24S 96V lithium nmc battery pack. 

This 2.5kw lithium battery charger will be used for testing and not with CAN bus, so we set the output voltage and current according to customer's requirement.  The Australian standard plug for the input and the Anderson 50A plug for the output came with this charger.

There are 48V50A, 60V35A, 72V35A, 96V22A models with the input voltage range AC180V~360V of the SMC10 charger, the C
AN communication is optional.  It has the function of  overheat protection, short circuit protection, battery reverse connection protection, input low voltage and overvoltage protection, automatic shutdown after full charge and LED light indicator for charging process.

lithium battery charger 2.5kwh

The charger was packed into a carton filled with EPE and total gross weigh is 9kgs and shipped by air to Australia.

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