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REPT Battero Unveils 345Ah Energy Storage Large Cells

On November 24th, the Haishi Zero Carbon City Industry Cooperation Qingshan Conference and REPT Battero Green Technology Day took place in Wenzhou. During the innovation release session, Hou Min, Vice President of REPT Battero, introduced two latest technological products: the 345Ah Energy Storage Cells and a 5.5MWh Energy Storage Battery System.

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Hou Min highlighted the innovative development path of REPT Battero's top-tier technology, emphasizing how it empowers energy cell products to achieve a new equilibrium of high energy density, rapid charging, and elevated power.

The freshly launched 345Ah Energy Storage Cells actually surpass a capacity of 350Ah, elevating energy to 1.12 kWh, volume energy density to 435Wh/L, achieving an energy efficiency of 96.2%, ensuring 10,000 cycles of durability, and a calendar lifespan of 20 years.

The 5.5MWh Energy Storage Battery System presents comprehensive upgrades, including streamlined modules, reduced size, improved integration, standardized dimensions, heightened durability, pre-installed pre-tuned features, staged full parallel pipeline systems, and temperature uniformity control, among other advantages.

The release of the 345Ah Energy Storage Cells marks REPT Battero's breakthrough in reaching new heights in their energy storage cell product capacity.
Throughout this year, REPT Battero accelerated the pace of research and mass production of its flagship product, the top-tier series of high-capacity cells.

In April, REPT Battero showcased its "Top-tier" batteries, 158Ah and 200Ah, at the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show. Hou Min, Vice President of REPT Battero, announced the mass production of the 158Ah cells, enabling achievements such as 700 kilometers range for lithium iron phosphate battery models, over 1000 kilometers for nickel-manganese-cobalt battery models, and the potential to exceed 1200 kilometers for high-nickel ternary power battery models.

In May, REPT Battero introduced the top-tier 320Ah and 340Ah energy storage cells, becoming the first company in the industry to launch the 320Ah energy storage cells. Additionally, mass production of the 320Ah top-tier energy storage batteries was achieved in October this year, making it the world's first company to mass-produce 320Ah energy storage batteries.

The actual capacity of the top-tier 320Ah energy storage cells reaches 335Ah, with a calendar lifespan of 25-30 years. Scale utilization can reduce land usage by 15% and increase net profit by over 10%. Compared to the same size 280Ah cells, each top-tier 320Ah energy storage cell reduces carbon emissions by 54.6kg and can decrease land usage by 15%.

Based on the outstanding performance of the top-tier energy storage cells, REPT Battero secured numerous large overseas energy storage contracts this year.
On August 7th, REPT Battero officially reached an exclusive supply agreement of 8GWh (part of the world's largest 50Gwh storage project, with the first phase being 8Gwh) for a large-scale storage project with renewable energy company VENA ENERGY in Jakarta, Indonesia, aiming to provide clean energy reserves for Indonesia.

On September 12th, at the RE+2023 event in Las Vegas, USA, REPT Battero signed an 8.4GWh battery procurement project agreement with energy storage integrator Powin, based on its top-tier 320Ah batteries, for Indonesia.

On the same day, REPT Battero also signed a 10GWh framework procurement agreement with leading photovoltaic system integrator and solar power station developer SUNPIN SOLAR in the United States, based on the top-tier 320Ah batteries.

Presently, the energy storage market competition has entered a new stage, with large-capacity cells becoming the battleground for battery companies, all moving towards 300Ah or even higher capacity directions.

In the market, over 20 domestic battery manufacturers including CATL, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited, EVE Energy, Gotion, REPT Battero, XWELLDAQ (now Sunwoda), and SVOLT have launched energy storage cell products with capacities of 300Ah and above.

Among them, EVE Energy and Vision Group have surpassed capacities of 500Ah. EVE Energy's new generation square-shaped lithium iron phosphate energy storage cell released last year exceeds 560Ah, while Vision Group released energy storage cells exceeding 580Ah in May this year.

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