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BAK's Breakthrough: 21700-5.5Ah High-Capacity Cell in Production

bak 21700 battery cell

Continuing its proactive approach, it sets a new benchmark for domestically produced 21700 cells with the highest capacity. Presently, the highest capacity available in the market is the 21700-5.3Ah. The production of the BAK 21700-5.5Ah cell signifies a new peak in domestically produced 21700 cell capacities.

BAK Battery has consistently maintained a proactive stance and technological edge in the research and production of 21700 cells. Continuously breaking through the capacity ceiling, it has successively released and mass-produced 21700-5.0Ah and 21700-5.3Ah cell products. Through continuous innovative research and development in the four key materials and structural design°™positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, and electrolyte°™BAK's 21700 cylindrical battery performance remains industry-leading. It boasts six major characteristics: high energy density, long cycle life, high rate capability, fast charging, strong temperature adaptability, and high safety.

Deeply rooted in high-nickel cylindrical cells, BAK Battery pursues continuous innovation in material and structural design. The BAK 21700-5.5Ah cell utilizes a high-nickel + silicon negative electrode system, with a nickel (Ni) content as high as 90%. The negative electrode material employs high-initial-effectiveness silicon, achieving matching efficiency between positive and negative electrodes, thus further enhancing cost-effectiveness. It operates within a wide temperature range of -20°„C to +70°„C during discharge, meeting the requirements for normal use in extreme environments. Rigorous performance tests including overcharging, over-discharging, short circuits, drops, heating, vibrations, and compression attest to its high safety and reliability. Coupled with a long lifespan of 1000 cycles under regular charging and discharging, and 600 cycles under fast charging, it caters to various high-capacity demand scenarios, further elevating market applications and end-user experiences.

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