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Great Power's Breakthroughs at RE+2023: Revolutionizing Energy Storage

On September 12th, RE+2023 commenced in Las Vegas, drawing a record attendance of 40,000 visitors ĘC marking it as the largest clean energy event in North America to date.

As a leading global battery manufacturer, Great Power took center stage by presenting a diverse array of products and solutions, spanning energy storage cells, modules, and advanced liquid-cooled battery systems. The event served as an exceptional platform to showcase Great Power's technological breakthroughs and energy storage solutions to a global audience.

great power

A standout reveal was the introduction of the new 320Ah energy storage cell, which garnered significant attention. This innovative cell boasts nearly 15% more energy capacity within the same footprint as the previous 280Ah cell, tailored for utility-scale, commercial, industrial, residential, and portable energy storage applications.

In addition to the debut of the 320 Ultra, Great Power exhibited a series of groundbreaking utility-scale energy storage cells, including 314Ah and 280Ah units, alongside residential battery cells rated at 100Ah, 72Ah, and 50Ah during the exhibition.

The showcase also highlighted Great Power's technological advancements in the field of new batteries, notably featuring the first-generation sodium-ion cell with 90Ah and 3050mAh, capturing substantial attention and interest.

With over a decade deeply immersed in energy storage cell innovation, Great Power marked its first-gen battery launch in 2011 and elevated its energy storage business to a strategic level in 2019. By 2022, the company consistently ranked among the top five global companies in annual shipments of energy storage cells.

great power energy storage system

Pioneering various technological breakthroughs in energy storage cells, Great Power achieved milestones in prolonged cycle life, high-efficiency performance, and innovations in positive and negative electrodes, separators, electrolytes, and overcurrent design, significantly enhancing cell cycle life. These technological strides were integrated into the new 320Ah cell, earning positive reception at RE+.

As Great Power often emphasizes, it's not just about being environmentally conscious; it's about wielding the capability to make a meaningful impact ĘC that's the essence of Great Power!

In the pursuit of expanding global outreach, Great Power established offices in the USA and Germany this year, boasting dedicated local teams catering to regional markets and delivering tailored energy storage solutions.

Looking ahead, Great Power remains steadfast in its commitment to prioritizing customers and empowering the renewable energy sector. The company's mission revolves around designing and delivering safe, reliable energy storage products, collaborating with global customers to drive the transition to renewable energy and advocate for green, low-carbon societal development.

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