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CATL Launches World¡¯s First Solar-Plus-Storage Solution with Zero Auxiliary Power Supply

CATL unveiled a groundbreaking solar-plus-storage integrated solution at the SNEC International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition on May 24. This revolutionary offering eliminates the need for auxiliary power supply and cooling systems, setting it apart from conventional energy storage solutions. By leveraging their self-developed solar-BESS converter, heat-resistant cell technology, and advanced self-heating technology, CATL achieved real-time integration of fluctuating photovoltaic (PV) power with a battery energy storage system (BESS). This breakthrough solution enables millisecond-level power control response and improves charging-discharging efficiency by 10%.

The world is actively striving to combat climate change and increase the adoption of renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic energy, being a prominent renewable energy source, faces challenges in terms of stability due to weather conditions. Additionally, conventional PV+ energy storage systems suffer from low operating efficiency and complex operation and maintenance issues caused by system architecture and auxiliary power consumption.

To address these industry pain points, CATL introduced an innovative solar-plus-storage integrated solution that operates with zero auxiliary power supply. This solution comprises three modules: PV modules, energy storage racks, and solar-BESS converters. PV modules convert sunlight into electrical energy, energy storage racks store or release electrical energy in real-time, and solar-BESS converters convert DC power from PV modules and energy storage racks into AC power, which is then transmitted to the grid. These three components work in synergy, actively supporting the grid, suppressing power fluctuations, and enabling peak shaving, ultimately providing an optimal solar-plus-storage integration solution.

CATL's solution overcomes the dependency on cooling systems and auxiliary power supply that plagues traditional solar-plus-storage systems. The energy storage racks utilized in this solution feature industry-leading long service life cells with high-temperature tolerance, enabling a system cycle life of 15,000 cycles. Through the use of high-temperature-resistant graphite anode material and special electrolytes, these cells maintain excellent attenuation characteristics even at temperatures exceeding 35¡ãC, eliminating the need for a cooling system or external auxiliary power supply. This enhances system performance, efficiency, and stability, resulting in a maintenance-free solution. Moreover, advanced self-heating technology ensures even heating within the cells, eliminating heat transfer loss and further improving overall efficiency and stability of the solar-plus-storage system.

solar plus storage solution

CATL's innovative solution incorporates individual local energy management systems (Local EMS) within each string-type PV-BESS converter. These converters communicate in real-time with the upper management system, enabling intelligent energy storage. Each solar-BESS converter features energy storage batteries that regulate the PV modules, creating an independent system responsible for its own energy management. This allows for the coordinated operation of PV and BESS systems. Furthermore, the system performs real-time analysis of light intensity and working scenarios, identifying the optimal distribution of photovoltaic energy and energy storage in various environments. It adapts to changing conditions to achieve maximum efficiency and delivers millisecond-level response with precise power output.

After dedicating three years to research and development, encompassing materials, cells, and products, CATL achieved overall improvements in operational efficiency, response speed, service life, durability, and safety of the energy storage system through the development of their solar-plus-storage integrated solution. This accomplishment has resulted in significant ecological and economic benefits. As a global leader in innovative new energy technologies, CATL is dedicated to delivering excellent quality, outstanding performance, and positive results to customers. They aim to establish a global benchmark for new power systems, unlock the potential of renewable energy, and make remarkable contributions to the global clean energy transition and sustainable development.

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