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CATL Unveils Shenxing Supercharging Battery: Pioneering Fast-Charging Innovation

catl shenxing battery

On August 16, CATL unveiled its latest innovation, the Shenxing Supercharging Battery, marking a significant advancement in electric vehicle battery technology. The Shenxing Supercharging Battery boasts an unprecedented charging capability, allowing for a rapid 10-minute charge that delivers a remarkable driving range of 400 kilometers. Impressively, this battery can extend its range beyond 700 kilometers.

Distinguished as the world's inaugural 4C supercharging battery employing phosphate iron lithium, the Shenxing Supercharging Battery represents CATL's second foray into supercharging technology following the Kirin battery. Notably, CATL's supercharging battery offerings now encompass both the ternary lithium and phosphate iron lithium power battery material pathways.

In a compelling contrast to the Kirin battery, which employs ternary lithium batteries, the Shenxing Supercharging Battery's utilization of phosphate iron lithium materials promises substantial cost reductions.

In an official statement, CATL confirmed its collaboration with Ideal Auto and Geometry Auto for equipping select models with Kirin batteries. These models, positioned in the upper echelon of the market, will soon benefit from CATL's innovative battery solutions. The Shenxing Supercharging Battery is positioned to democratize cutting-edge super-fast charging technology, alleviating range anxiety for the wider range of mainstream electric vehicle models.

Wu Kai, Chief Scientist at CATL, articulated the company's vision for battery technology: "The trajectory of power battery technology is twofold: addressing the global forefront and engaging in an economic battleground. As the user landscape transitions from early adopters to mass consumers, our mission is to democratize pioneering technology, making technological breakthroughs accessible to all."

Gao Huan, Chief Technology Officer of CATL's domestic passenger car division, revealed that mass production of the Shenxing Supercharging Battery is slated for completion by year-end. Electric vehicles equipped with this breakthrough battery technology are scheduled for launch in the first quarter of the subsequent year.

Simultaneously, Avita Technology, an esteemed electric vehicle brand under Changan, announced its pioneering role as the initial recipient of the Ningde Times Shenxing Supercharging Battery. Sources confirm that Avita is just the tip of the iceberg, as multiple automotive companies are engaged in discussions with CATL regarding prospective collaborations centered on the Shenxing Supercharging Battery.

catl shenxing battery

Charging phosphate iron lithium batteries at super-fast rates has historically posed challenges due to limitations in battery energy density, charging speed, and low-temperature performance. While the industry pivot towards rapid charging has predominantly favored ternary lithium batteries, adapting fast charging technology to phosphate iron lithium batteries necessitates comprehensive innovation across various battery facets, including positive and negative components, electrolyte composition, and structural design.

CATL's groundbreaking Shenxing Supercharging Battery encapsulates a multitude of technological breakthroughs. Leveraging a super-electronic network positive technology and employing fully nano-sized phosphate iron lithium positive materials, the battery establishes an efficient lithium ion conduction pathway, expediting charging response times.

The battery's negative side incorporates CATL's second-generation fast ion ring technology, enhancing lithium ion insertion efficiency through surface modifications and shortened insertion distances. A multi-gradient layered electrode design optimizes fast charging while ensuring enduring performance.

CATL's advances extend to electrolyte conduction, with the development of an ultra-high conductive electrolyte formula that lowers viscosity and significantly enhances conductivity. Concurrently, improvements to the ultra-thin solid-electrolyte interphase (SEI) film reduce conduction resistance.

Moreover, CATL enhances liquid phase lithium ion transmission rates by refining the isolation membrane's high porosity, low tortuosity channels.

In pursuit of a range surpassing 700 kilometers, CATL integrates its pioneering CTP3.0 technology, achieving exceptional assembly efficiency and integration. This innovation surmounts the performance limitations historically associated with phosphate iron lithium batteries, easily achieving the coveted 700+ kilometer range.

Addressing phosphate iron lithium's cold-weather limitations, CATL incorporates cell temperature control technology within the system platform. This innovation ensures swift heating to the optimal operational temperature range even in sub-zero environments as low as -10íŠ. Impressively, the battery can charge up to 80% within 30 minutes at such temperatures, and its performance during cold weather power-off states remains uncompromised.

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