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Lishen Battery innovation released four cylinder cells

The LiShen cylindrical battery is widely utilized in various fields such as electric vehicles, power tools, garden equipment, vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, and portable energy storage. To continually meet customer demands, LiShen Battery has globally unveiled a new lineup of products. These include the LR1865LE 3.0Ah cell with both high capacity and high power, as well as three high-capacity models: LR1865HC 3.5Ah, LR2170SK 5.8Ah, and LR2170SS 6.0Ah cells. These four new products offer a wider range of choices for diverse application scenarios among different customer groups.

Leading the pack is the LR1865LE 3.0Ah battery by LiShen, boasting an impressive energy density of up to 234Wh/kg. It supports continuous charging at 4A and continuous discharge at 30A. With a charging-to-discharging cycle of 3A to 20A over 600 cycles, this cell strikes a balance between high energy and high power. This allows for lightweight and compact product designs while catering to prolonged usage demands. Operating seamlessly within a temperature range of -20C to 60C, it suits a majority of extreme environments. Its applications span garden tools, power tools, and smart homes. This product entered full-scale production in July 2023, setting new domestic performance standards.

LR1865LE 3.0Ah

LiShen Battery took the lead in 2017 by initiating mass production of high-nickel cathode materials, followed by the introduction of high-voltage solid graphite silicon-based materials in 2018. This well-established system has seen continuous optimization and upgrades, ensuring product safety and reliability. The LR1865HC 3.5Ah battery offers an energy density of up to 268Wh/kg, excelling in endurance. It supports 1C charging and 3C discharge rates, along with remarkable performance across high and low temperatures (-20C to 60C). It meets the demand for over 1000 cycles of extended lifespan. Having already passed customer verification, this model is fit for applications such as two-wheelers, smart homes, and portable energy storage, embodying longevity and safety.

LR1865HC 3.5Ah battery

The LR2170SK 5.8Ah battery represents a fresh system upgrade, featuring a high-nickel composite cathode and a novel high-first-effect silicon-based anode. This innovation results in an energy density of 297Wh/kg, increasing endurance by over 15%. Supporting a 3C discharge rate, the battery's performance remains robust in varying temperatures (-20C to 60C) for more than 1000 cycles. It serves as an ideal choice for high-end applications like two-wheelers, smart homes, and portable energy storage, epitomizing mid-to-high-end customer desires for prolonged range and lifespan.

LR2170SK 5.8Ah battery

Taking energy density to the extreme, the LR2170SS 6.0Ah cell reaches the pinnacle of high-energy density systems. By incorporating advanced conductive agents and highly stable electrolytes, energy density and performance soar. With a remarkable energy density of 304Wh/kg, it offers unparalleled endurance, catering to the strict energy density demands of mid-to-high-end customers. Among 21700 cells, it boasts the highest energy density. This versatile cell is applicable in areas such as two-wheelers, smart homes, and portable energy storage, fulfilling a range of expectations from diverse customer segments seeking cylindrical cells.

LR2170SS 6.0Ah cell

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