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CALB Battery to Europe and Malaysia

We deliver CALB Battery today by sea to Europe from Shanghai port to Rotterdam port by 20 feet DG container. they are 108pcs CA180 cells, 100pcs CA100 cells, 676pcs SE200 cells and 735pcs CAM72 cells. there are 35pcs plywood cases totally and the weight isover 6800kg with 8.7 CBM. A clients from Norway ordered 96pcs CAM72 cells and asked us to deliver the cells to Malaysia directly. they are packaged by 6 DG carton we plan to deliver by air to Malaysia.
CALB Cells produced by China Aviation Lithium Battery Limited,which is a large stated owned enterprise invested by China Aviation Industrial Limited. Chinese central government invested China Aviation Industrial Limited directly. CALB was founded in 2009 in luoyang, and was purchased by Chengfei integration Co.,Ltd in 2011.Chengfei is a public company invested by China Aviation Industrial Limited.
CALB Battery is high quality Lithium iron phosphate Battery producer, with big investment in lithium battery technology, CALB now is one of leading LiFePO4 Battery producer and supplier in China. they invested 1.3 billion RMB to build a new factory in Jiangsu province last year and the new factory would be in production second half of 2018. CALB would become one of biggest lithium battery producer after the new facoty in production. there are CAM72 cells (72Ah), CA100 cells(100Ah) , CA180 cells (180Ah) and SE200 cells (200Ah) available now from CALB. 
CAM72 cells is one of most popular lithium battery cells with capacity of 72Ah,the real capaciy nornmally as much as 80Ah.the cell with aluminum case, the weight is only 1.9kg. the energy density is as much as 120wh/kg.
CA100 cell was first designed model since CALB was founded in 2009, it was improved in 2012 with capacity of 100Ah.it's widely used in energy storage system.
CA180 cell is a special cell with 180Ah.it was designed for a electric bus project and its very popular in domestic market. many electric truck installed by CA180.
SE200 cell is the only model belong to SE series. SE series was the designed since Sky Energy Limited founded in 2009. Sky energy Limited is the former name of CALB. there were SE60, SE100,SE200,SE400 cells at first,now only SE200 was left. because there are so many clients like this model.and there are huge requirement on SE200 cells.
CALB Battery to Europe and Malaysia

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