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Winston Battery to the UK

We delivered 1000pcs 200Ah Thundersky Winston Battery to UK today to a solar power station install company from UK. They are high quality LiYFePO4 battery cells produced by Thundersky Winston new factory in Changtai. the new produced cells with better production line has much better quality. the inner resistence of new 200Ah Winston Battery decreased 30% because of improvement of production technology. and the real capacity of the 200Ah Winston Battery is over 220 Ampere hour. and the weight of new 200Ah Winston Battery also decreased around 0.3kg. it means the energy density improved,too. we have set up regular supplier of winston battery to European market and we deliver winston battery from Shanghai/Hongkong port to Rotterdam nearly every month by 20 feet DG container. we can deliver as much as 300,000Ah batteries each time.

200Ah Winston Battery UK

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