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Professor Lissar from Burns institute of engineering,California University visited Winston Battery Limited

in the morning of 20th May, president of Burns insitute of enigneering California University visited Winston Battery Limited (Changtai) factory.with accompany of President Zhong of Thundersky Winston Battery Limited,professor Lissar visited production line of Winston Batteries with capacity of 100Ah, 200Ah, 300Ah 400Ah,700Ah and 1000Ah.Prefessor Lissar highly praised the new production line of Thundersky Winston Battery. its one of biggest LiFePO4 Battery prodcution base all over the world now. Thundersky Winston Battery Limited invested a research center in UC Berkeley,as president of the research center,president Lissar report the progress of new research.
UC Berkeley Visited Winston Battery LimitedWinston Battery Changtai Factory

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