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The Big Era of 280Ah LiFePO4 Cells For Energy Storage Has Coming

High voltage and large capacity have become new indicators of the development of the energy storage system industry. The large capacity cell popular in the ESS industry can greatly improve the energy storage system's energy density, one of the important trends in system development. It mainly refers to the 280ah lifepo4 cell at present, and the GGII study also showed that the 280Ah LiFePO4 Cell is becoming more and more popular in the large Energy Storage System market.

HTHIUM, CALB, REPT, and CHUNENG new energy, etc., have expanded the production of 280ah Lifepo4 cells. On May 29, Xiamen Hithium's new energy lithium intelligent manufacturing project phase I M1 smart factory completed delivery and output. The general layout of the plant is five lithium production lines, with an annual capacity of 15GWh. On the 19th of the same month, it also announced that it would invest 13 billion yuan to build a 50GWh new generation of lithium battery for energy storage's production base in Chongqing, focusing on expanding 280Ah lifepo4 battery cells for energy storage applications. CALB released energy storage products in the Marine market in late May, covering 280Ah series of cells and several battery packs. All sorts of signs clarify that large-capacity cells gradually penetrate the market. There are More than ten cell enterprises that sell 280Ah battery cells.

Both cylindrical and prismatic lithium battery cells gradually develop to a larger capacity of a single battery cell. The Cylindrical lithium battery has evolved from the models of 18650 to 21700, 4680, and other large cylindrical, and the prismatic lithium battery from VDA size cell to MEB platform cell to the current stage (long and short) blade battery. The direction of technological evolution is mainly to improve single-cell capacity development continuously. We believe that the gradual upgrade of square cell capacity from 50/100Ah to 280Ah is consistent with the above evolution.

The large energy storage system market gradually recognizes the 280Ah large capacity lifepo4 cell, and this trend is very obvious. There are four advantages include 1. Reduce the number of parallel connections; 2. Can support a longer energy storage system; 3. Easier BMS management; 4. The cost advantage of mass application.

Compared with the capacity of 50-100Ah battery, the advantages of 280Ah and larger capacity cells are mainly focused on: 1) The use of components in the pack end is reduced, which has a natural cost advantage; Higher volume energy density; 2) It is easier to obtain high capacity with large cell; Security improvement; 3) The use of large cell assembly process in the field of back-end integration has high simplification, which can greatly save the cost input in land infrastructure, containers and other aspects. Based on the above advantages, 280Ah battery cell is accelerating to replace traditional 50Ah and 100Ah cell products in low cost, large capacity, and security scenarios such as wind power generation, power grid, shared energy storage, and some large mobile ESS applications.

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