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eve 280ah lifepo4280ah lifepo4 cell

EVE Brand New Module: LF280K 3.2 V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cell

Nominal Voltage:3.2V
Nominal capacity:280Ah
Working voltage:2.5V~3.65V
AC impedance resistance(1khz):≤0.25mΩ
Max. pulse charge / discharge current: 2C (30S)
Dimension: 207(H)*72(T)*173.7(W)mm
Weight: 5.42±0.3kg

Difference of LF280 and LF280K

1.Dimension(Height and
Tabs Distance)


LF280: 204.8*72*173.6mm VS LF280K: 

Tabs distance: 

LF280: 90±0.3mm,  LF280K: 123.0±0.3mm

2.Cycle Life

LF280: 3500cycles,   LF280K: 6000cycles

(Under the 300kgf clamp, after standard charged and 30mins rest, discharge to 2.5V cut-off with the current of 0.5CA at (25±2)℃, and then start the next cycle. end with the capacity decreasing to 80% of the initial capacity. The number of cycles is defined as the cycle life of the battery)

3. Max. charge / discharge current

LF280: 1C,  LF280K: 2C

Two-dimensional graphs of LF280K Battery

lf280k battery dimensions


Upgrade: Now we provide the new LF280k model with m6 threaded hole

Outline of cell and welding support

280ah lifepo4dimension of 280ah lifepo4 battery
Welding Parameter of Al Busbar

  • Laser Welding Depth: ≤2.5 mm
  • Max Pressure Force on Terminals: 700 N
  • Max Torque Force on Terminals: 6 N m
  • Max Temperature on Terminals: 130℃

280ah LiFePO4 Battery coding rules

280ah lifepo4

General Technical Parameter



Nominal Capacity


Typical Voltage


AC Impedance Resistance (1KHz)


Standard charge / discharge Current


Cut off voltage of charge / discharge

3.65V / 2.5V

Max. continuous charge / discharge current


Max. pulse charge / discharge current(30S)


Recommended scope of SOC


Charging temperature


Discharging temperature


Storage temperature Short-term (within 1 month)


Storage temperature Long-term (within 1 year)


Storage humidity range


Self-Discharge rate per month






Cycle life at 25

≥6000 cycles @0.5C

Electric Performance Curve

Cycle curve(charge/discharge: 0.5C/0.5C, 3.65V-2.5V)

 Cycle curve(charge/discharge: 0.5C/0.5C, 3.65V-2.5V)


For safety usage, please be careful on below:


1. Do not immerse the battery in water and keep it dry when not using;

2. Do not strike, throw or subject the battery near a fire or in extremely hot conditions;

3. Charge with specified charge according to charging requirement;

4. Do not reverse the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals;

5. Do not put the battery into a fire or apply direct heat to it;

6. Do not short-circuit the battery by connecting wires or other metal objects to the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals;

7. Do not ship or store the battery metal objects, such as necklaces, hairpins, etc;

8. Do not knock, throw, tread, bend, etc;

9. Do not directly solder the battery terminals;

10. Do not pierce the battery casing with a nail or other sharp object.

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