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AGV battery

48V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium AGV Golf cart Battery Pack

Factory Price, OEM, ODM
Model:   51.2V 100AH (Welcome customized 36v ,48v, 72v, 60ah, 80ah )
Rated Voltage (V):   51.2V
Rated Capacity (Ah):   100Ah
Supply Ability:   500,000 per Month
MOQ:   10-50PCS
Approx Dimension:   520*334*237mm (Acceptable customized)
Approx Weight:   46.0kg
Certificate:   CE,UL,ICE, UN38.3, MSDS,ISO9001

This product specification describes the type, size, structure, electrochemistry performance, service life, and BMS characteristics.
1. Standardized rack-mounted module, easy to install in various places;
2. Built-in pre-charge circuit, which can be directly connected in parallel for capacity expansion;
3. Fast charging function, support 1C charging;
4. Built-in pre-amplifier loop, supporting various scenarios;
5. Standard configuration of various communication interfaces, which can support various types of inverters;

Battery specification

Rate Voltage: 51.2v

Rate Capacity (0.2c @25íŠ): 100A
Rated Energy: 5120Wh
Cell & Pack: Lifepo4, Prismatic, Aluminum shell
Output voltage range: 40.0V- 57.6V
Charging Voltage: 56-56.8V, CC-CV
Cut-off Voltage: 40.0V
Internal Resistance: í▄6.4mŽŞ
Max.Constant charging current: 150A
Recommended charging current: <50A, best @ 20A
Recommended charging type: CC-CV until current <0.02C
Max. Constant discharging current: 150A
Ah efficiency: íŢ99.4%
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) & Terminal: 520*334*237, M8
Weight (kg): 46.0kg
Humidity: 5%~95% relative humidity
Charging temperature: -10íŠ~+45íŠ
Discharging temperature: -20íŠ~+65íŠ
Storage temperature: -20íŠ~+45íŠ
Cyle life: 80%DOD>5000 timesúČ@0.5CúČ25íŠ

Design life: >10 years

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