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The Current Situation Of Lithium Titanate Battery Techonology

An important issue facing lithium titanate batteries in scale applications is cost, which at the beginning of the project was 46 times that of lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries.  Although the performance is significantly better than existing lithium-ion batteries, the market promotion of LTO batteries is greatly limited by economic factors.  Therefore, to realize large-scale energy storage application of lithium titanate batteries, it is necessary to carry out technological reconstruction based on existing lithium titanate batteries used in electric vehicles to ensure the intrinsic characteristics of the long life of lithium titanate batteries and greatly reduce the cost.

From the point of view of practical application value, lithium titanate is expected to bring customers the advantage of lower cost of use by virtue of the ultra-long cycle life. As the price becomes more reasonable, lithium titanate is about to stage a comeback; the future market space of lithium titanate will be very limited, coupled with the high price, compared with the future energy storage is expected to use power lithium battery secondary use of cost-effective, lithium titanate in the field of energy storage prospects are also worrying.

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The prospects for the development of lithium titanate batteries in China: Important markets for lithium-ion batteries in the past are portable appliances and cell phones, laptops, etc. Regarding future prospects, the current key to improving the energy density of lithium titanate batteries is the development of high capacity, high potential solution and anti-oxidation diaphragm and other topics of research. Our lithium industry's efforts to develop lithium titanate technology will be rewarded by the rising market of electric vehicles, energy storage and industrial applications.

Although lithium titanate battery does not dominate in energy density, but with the unparalleled advantages in fast charging, safety and life, through differentiated competition, can win a place in the field of high requirements for charging speed and frequency, Power Company will continue to deepen the development of lithium titanate fast-charging battery technology, and continue to explore its performance limits and application potential, to bring customers a more superior and convenient use experience The company will continue further to develop the technology of lithium titanate fast-charging battery and explore its performance limit and application potential, to bring customers a superior and convenient experience.

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