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Power batteries that don't catch fire are 'standard'?

The safety problem of a power battery has been solved.

Thanks to technology-leading power battery enterprises and automobile enterprises, multi-stage safety protection technology have been constructed from intrinsic safety, active safety, and passive safety. The non-thermal diffusion technology of the battery system has been gradually realized from 2020.

An obvious phenomenon is that thermal diffusion technology has become the mainstream of the current development of new energy vehicle industry.

Wu Kai, chief scientist of Ningde Times, publicly stated that according to the statistics of ningde Times customers' requirements on thermal diffusion, half of customers had no requirements on thermal diffusion in 2019; In 2020, more than 80% of customers require the same as the NATIONAL standard, that is, the thermal diffusion time is no less than 5 minutes, and 14% of customers require that the system does not have thermal diffusion; In 2021, customers' safety requirements have completely changed, with 86% of customers requiring that the battery pack does not have thermal diffusion.

Wu Kai believes that the current NATIONAL standard requires thermal diffusion of ¡Ý5 minutes, which is the lowest threshold level requirement, and enterprises should take thermal diffusion as the design standard.

In March 2020, BYD released blade batteries that can pass needle tests.

JAC New Energy launched the "cellular battery" in the same month, becoming the first domestic auto company to pass the new NATIONAL standard thermal runaway safety test.

In September 2020, Ningde Times took the lead in realizing heat-free diffusion on 811 products.

In December 2020, Honeycomb Energy released the "Jelly battery", which can achieve "no fire, no smoke" in the sample battery full charge pin test.

In the same month, Xinwanda "non-fire" battery was mass-produced.

In March 2021, based on the MIR platform product of China Innovation Aviation, the safety technology of GAC magazine battery system can realize the whole package of ternary lithium battery without fire.

Followed by dongfeng LAN Tuliang from the development of battery system technology - "amber" and "mica", to achieve "5 minutes do not fire", further to 30 minutes and even static "50 days do not fire, no explosion".

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In June, Great Wall Motor unveiled dayu battery technology related concepts and innovative technologies to ensure that "large capacity and high nickel cell" battery pack can achieve no fire, no explosion under the condition of "heating two cells and continuously triggering thermal control" at any position.

In July, the pole core of a Krypton car only smoked, and the highest temperature of the pierced core reached 801.4¡æ, without fire or explosion.

Zhang Yao, vice president of Xinwangda Electric Vehicle Battery Co., LTD., said the company started mass production of "non-fire" batteries in November 2020. At present, all products of the company are integrated with "no fire" safety solutions and technology.

It is worth noting that based on the iteration of technology and the evolution of market demand, power battery companies are expanding non-thermal diffusion technology to better performance battery solutions.

According to wu kai, ningde times has been committed to the safety design of a high specific energy system. The heatless diffusion technology with a higher specific energy of 1000km will be mass-produced in 2023.

Zhang Yao said that BEV super fast charge "no fire" battery is expected to be mass-produced at the end of the year, which can meet the requirements of 700 kilometers for a charge, 400 kilometers for 10 minutes, and reach the requirements of 200,000 kilometers for 10 years.

From the point of view of the technical means to achieve no thermal diffusion, the enterprise mainly starts from the cell body, module and system level:

First, the cell body level, through the improvement of the physical properties of the material body, adding flame retardants and other ways, so that the cell in extreme cases, the middle of the body change, such as heat absorption, surface passivation, block expansion, mechanical effect, so as to achieve the cell does not fire.

Second, the module and system level, add heat resistance, heat insulation material and thermal conductivity design, even if a cell thermal loss of control will not affect other cells.

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