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700Ah Winston LiFePO4 Batteries Shipped to the USA

A USA customer published his needs for 4pcs 700ah LiFePO4 batteries on RFQ of Alibaba; we found it and provided a quotation for 4pcs Winston 700ah LiFeYPO4 batteries. Our customer is delighted with the batteries and quotation. Those batteries are used for a 12v battery bank of the van, and we provide free connectors to our customer to build a 4S 12V 700Ah battery pack in his van to provide energy of 8.4Kwh.

thundersky batteries 700ah

As we can see, the TSWB-700Aha 700ah thundersky battery has the case of plastic, there are two positive and negative terminals, and a safety valve in the middle of the top of the lfp battery cell, LYP type battery is ideally used as a mobile power source and energy storage device, has excellent safety performance and cycle life; When the battery case temperature below 85 degrees, this type of batteries can accept a fast charge and discharge under 3CA current.

We packed the batteries in one plywood case with a gross weight of 101kgs. The shipping method is DDP by sea service and spent one month and a half to arrive at the destination address.

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