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Shipment of Winston TSWB-LYP160AHA 3.2V 160Ah lifeypo4 batteries and Daly 4S 100A Smart BMS to Italy

Winston lifeypo4 batteries and daly bms

An Italian customer ordered eight Winston TSWB-LYP160AHA 3.2V 160Ah prismatic LiFeYPO4(LiFePO4) battery cells and two 4S 12V 100A Daly Smart BMS from us, and he would use these lifepo4 cells and battery BMS to build two 12V 160Ah LiFePO4 battery packs for his Van.

The BMS is Daly Smart BMS LiFePO4 4S 12V100A Common port with UART+bluetooth manufactured by high quality Mos and IC imported, has complete overcharge, over-discharge, over current, short circuit, and equalization functions.

The TSWB-LYP160AHA  lifeypo4 battery cell has a nominal voltage and capacity of 3.2V 160ah, a long cycle life of more than 5000 cycles at 80%DOD. Because the positive active material of LYP battery is made of fluorine compound and rare earth. In contrast, the negative electrode active substance is made of nano-carbon fiber and artificial graphite, so it is being charged with a high current. It can keep its inherent molecular mechanism unchanged, strong lattice, impact resistance, high safety, wide operating temperature range, long life, and so on.

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