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33 CALB L173F230 3.2V 230Ah LiFePO4 cells Were Shipped to Germany

Our regular customer in Germany ordered 33 pieces this time after successfully testing the performance of the samples of CALB 3.2V 230Ah prismatic LiFePO4 battery cells. As mentioned before, these 230ah lifepo4 cells are used in towns and cemeteries' little trucks.

We packed these battery cells very carefully to protect them during the shipping; these batteries and lots of sponges filled the cartons marked with UN3481 labels to keep the batteries from shaking and squeezing. The total is seven cartons with 155kgs. We shipped the batteries by the sea with door-to-door service.

l173f230 230ah lifepo4 cells

The 230ah lifepo4 battery cell has a model of L173F230, "L173" means a length of 173mm, and "230" means a capacity of 230ah; it also has a light weight of 4.17kg, low AC internal resistance of 0.3m¦¸, the long cycle life of more than 4000cycles. The CALB 230ah lifepo4 cell has original welded bolts on the terminals to easily build battery packs.

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